Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Day Before Leap Day Everyone!!!

Any special plans for this fun and different day that we only get to celebrate once every four years?  I don't have any plans for it. Heck, I'm still trying to get back on track after our county fair. It seems that with each "event" that happens in our busy lives, it's harder and harder for me to get back on "track" and in the routine of our usual days. Although, I would have to say that since my oldest started attending regular public school this year, and I am only homeschooling one, I feel like it's been harder to keep a regular routine. His schedule and activities and times that he needs to be picked up seem to vary from day to day, which makes it hard for me to stay on track. I'm probably just making excuses though, and just need to apply myself better during the hours I am at home.

Speaking of the Fair !!! It was another successful year. Busy and looooooong days, as usual. The day of the Poultry show seems to be our longest day at fair. I needed to be there on that first Sunday at 7am to set up for the goats that were coming in for the Youth Breeding Goat show. By the time all of that is settled and all the animals are settled in, it's around noon and the Poultry show started at 2:30pm so there was no point in driving the 30 minutes home just to be there for an hour only to turn around and drive another 30 minutes back. There were 335 various chickens, ducks, geese registered, which makes for a 5 hour Poultry show. Add on top of it that I was sick and lost my voice and I was so ready for that day to end.

BUT ... the boys did great!!! Austin's goose won a blue ribbon, Best in Class and Reserve Grand Champion. The rooster that he was showing won a blue ribbon and Best in Class and the ducks all won blue ribbons. Dylan's chicken won a blue ribbon and Best in Class. They were happy with their winnings and I'm sure will be even happier once their winning premiums arrive in the mail.

The Goose & Ducks waiting to go to their cages.

A couple of Dylan's ribbons. 1st place for Egg decorating & 2nd for informational poster.

Austin's winning goose

It's always very anticipated, it's always long and we are always glad when it's over. With that said ... we are looking forward to next year.

Today Dylan is sick. I guess it actually started Sunday because that was the first day he was complaining of his stomach hurting and he threw up Sunday night. Yesterday he was fine, but today (Tuesday) he woke at 3am throwing up, again at 4am and he has been up since then. I'm surprised he hasn't fallen asleep by now since it's after 4pm. He hasn't gotten sick though in the past few hours so maybe it's passing. Word around town is that it's going around. Hoping that I am able to avoid it. Fingers are crossed !!!

So earlier today I went to town to get Dylan some Gatorade for his tummy. While I was out I picked up a few things.
In the mood to do some cooking, but need some inspiration. Also with Easter on the way, I am already thinking on what I want to make & that Strawberry cake looks just divine doesn't it?

Been wanting a new camera bag. The one I have is to large and prevents me from taking my camera with me more often to capture memories of my children & our family. I initially wanted a back pack type of bag, but I'm thinking this will work. It's half the size of the one I have and will still hold what I need it to. It has a shoulder strap as opposed to a back pack style.

And for my sickie boy .... Gatorade and something to do while laying in my bed.

I liked this so I decided to add it to my Easter decor. I haven't put out my Easter things yet. Probably next week. I love the earthy colors on this paper mache basket and the eggs. I need to add a ribbon to the handle because it just needs a little something. I also want to make an Easter banner for my fireplace mantel. I'll share pics when I do that in the coming days.

So that's about the extent of things around here. Just trying to get back to our usual life. Next thing I have on my list of "Things to Do" is plan the Spring garden. Have a few ideas as to what I want to do this year. I'll keep you posted.

Be Blessed Today ... Roberta


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