Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 Day Vegan class .... wish me luck !!!

I'm so excited to be doing this 30 Day Vegan program with a friend of mine I just had to share this with you. And I will say up front ..... THIS IS GOING TO BE HARD FOR ME!!!! And to be honest, I'm not sure that I am going to be able to stick with it. But I am going to try, try REAL hard, because since I am dealing with some autoimmune issues as of the past year that haven't let up, I'm hoping that this will be helpful. For years I have believed that not only is food yummy and fuel for our body, but it also CAN BE medicine for our bodies as well as poison for our bodies. Depending on what goes in will determine the results of our over all health. Feeling this was and having tried to stick to a more organic all natural diet (not perfectly mind you) diet for years, I have wanted to deal with my autoimmune issue in a more natural diet related approach. My Endocrinologist has told me that what I am dealing with can be greatly improved by altering my diet. Not to mention that my blood sugar levels are being influenced by the AI (autoimmune) and losing weight has become a huge challenge for me. So I'm going to try this. I'll blog about my progress with you. It doesn't begin until August 15th. But check this out .... I think it will be great for me IF I can do it. I just really like my animal products. Wish me luck. Click on the 30 Day Vegan graphic to go to Heathers site. Even if you aren't interested in doing the 30 Day Vegan ..... her site is GREAT. A wealth of information on loving yourself and finding a peaceful place within.
Why 30 Day Vegan?
  • Because fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are incredibly cleansing and healing to the body.
  • Because many of us tend to consume far more animal foods than we should.
  • Because now is the perfect time to show yourself a whole lotta love.
There is no one way for every body to eat. You should respectfully question anyone that tells you so. It is important to keep an open mind when it comes to nutrition and "diets." After all, in the grand scheme of human development, the science of nutrition is in it's infancy. Michael Pollan said, "Nutritional science today is equivalent to where surgery was in the year 1650."
Isn't that something to think about.
However... a vegan lifestyle does seem to register with many of us intuitively. Unfortunately, it's easy to feel defeated by just the idea of it. An entire lifetime seems impossible: social functions, holidays, other family members, dinner invitations... many people give up on the idea before they even begin.
Maybe, rather than feeling it's all or nothing, a healthier balance is what we should be seeking.
What if a person sets aside a period of time, not eternity, to delve into a vegan experience? How would they feel?
In my day to day life, although I am a whole food enthusiast, I am not a vegan. I do however, adopt a vegan lifestyle several times a year for a stretch of days or weeks. For me, it is an effective way to clean house and gain clarity. It is about feeling fluid and light in body, mind and spirit.
By adopting a vegan lifestyle for 30 days, the body will naturally feel cleansed, and space will be made for healing and personal growth.

What will the 30 Day Vegan workshop include?
  • Access to a private blog which will serve as our classroom/mission control.
  • Threaded comments within the blog for questions, sharing and community.
  • Access to me - your wellness coach and go-to-girl for questions, comments, etc. - private emails answered within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • Daily postings, Monday through Friday.
  • Weekly video cooking classes - come on into my kitchen!
  • Recipes recipes recipes - you will be abundantly supplied with simple to prepare, whole food vegan recipes. 
  • Printable handouts and resources that will rock your world.
  • Pre-workshop access to the blog (opening August 8th) with information and tips to help prepare you for the amazing month ahead.
  • A special four part module: Life Inside a Vegan Kitchen, by guest presenter, Renee Tougas
  • And more!

What will not be included in the 30 Day Vegan workshop?
  • Recipes using foods that pretend to be other foods - there will be no industrialized food products (no faux meat items, overly processed milk substitutes, etc. - this is where vegan and vegetarian diets tend to lose me).
  • A perfectionist attitude - this is a journey that will involve many hills and valleys, be kind to yourself.
  • A focus on losing weight, though some of you will naturally do just that.

Who is the 30 Day Vegan workshop for?
  • Well, I hope it is for you! If you feel open to a balanced, centered way of living through clean and healthy eating, then this is definitely for you.
  • Vegans and vegetarians who feel they've been eating one too many boca burgers or grilled cheese sandwiches lately and would like a space to reconnect with their original intentions.
  • People who love the feel of a group experience, and those who are more comfortable observing from the wings. We all have a different approach to this sort of thing, that is just fine.
  • Although I will be leading a vegan experience, there will be people who feel they can't commit 100%. I would never exclude you. This workshop will be filled with information, recipes, and community. Please don't feel you can't sign up due to modifications necessary to honor for yourself. You are welcome to come as you are and take away what you can.
  • Whole foodies, and people who simply love a beautiful, holistic experience.


  1. You can do it! I didn't think I could do an all-juice (AS IN ONLY JUICE!) diet, but I did it for a whole month!! It's all in your head. It all depends on how stubborn you are. LOL!

  2. Thanks Roberta! We have alot in common. Hope your diet and school year are going well!